Algarve, Portugal 14-19 October 2018

Zoomarine Algarve

As you all know, something very cool is fast approaching: the 2018 IMATA Annual Conference! All of us, at Zoomarine, are very excited to welcome you to our home.


At Zoomarine,  you can watch presentations with dolphins, seals and sea lions, tropical birds and birds of prey.


Presentations with zoological species, diverse habitats, an aquarium and an array of mechanical amusement rides, a 4D cinema (1st to appear in Portugal) and an area of aquatic entertainment (with the biggest artificial wave beach of the country) are all part of the immense offer Zoomarine has available for its visitors, that opt to visit the Zoomarine theme park to have one of the best days of their vacation. In 2018 the new attractions will further consolidate the park in the family tourism segment.


For various years, Zoomarine has had an important role in society, developing a worthy and

recognised work in the field of conservation of marine species. Zoomarine’s Porto d’Abrigo - a rehabilitation center for marine species is an example of the above.


Throughout the years, Zoomarine has been awarded numerous prizes, in various areas. For the 5th consecutive year, Zoomarine is considered the best theme park in Portugal, and is amongst the 10 best in Europe and one of the 25 best in the World, according to the members of TripAdvisor community.(1)(2)


In 2017 it is again acknowledged as the “ Best Park/Tourist animation company” by Publituris Portuguese Trade Awards 2017(3), and for the 3rd consecutive year is nominated for the 2018 edition which distinguishes the “Best in Tourism in Portugal”.


It is also at Zoomarine that various and diverse experiences take place, that aim to create a bigger proximity between visitors and the natural environment that surrounds them. Is is only by observing and learning about species that it is possible to respect wildlife and achieve a commitment to the serious problems that threaten life on our planet. Of all the programs Zoomarine promotes, the highlight due to its exclusivity is the Dolphin Emotions Experience Program. In this program, the participants have the opportunity to meet and interact with bottlenose dolphins and to feel and live all of the oceans emotions, typical of the trust bond formed between dolphin and trainer.


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