Algarve, Portugal 14-19 October 2018


Ken RamirezIMATA’s Accreditation committee is pleased to offer two separate animal training seminars prior to the start of the conference.  The instructor for both classes is Ken Ramirez.


The tuition for each seminar is $75.00 per person and a portion of the proceeds will go towards IMATA’s Conservation Fund. Tuition fees do not include registration to the IMATA conference.  IMATA conference registration is a separate fee. IMATA conference registration is not required to attend the animal training seminar course(s).


Tuition fees do not include registration to the IMATA Conference.  IMATA Conference registration is a separate fee. IMATA Conference registration is not required to attend the Training Seminar Courses.


Husbandry Training – IN SPANISH

OCT 14   9:00am-12:00pm | $75.00

Please note that the morning seminar will NOT be in English. Ken will present it entirely in Spanish.  For English speaking students, please attend Ken’s afternoon seminar.


This seminar looks at the keys to developing a good medical training program for any species of animal. It includes targeting strategies, desensitization techniques, and basic concepts needed to gain an animal’s trust and develop reliable medical care behaviors.  This topic is critically important in the zoological environment as it is often considered one of the most important reasons for training.  Ken will discuss key elements needed to train the most important husbandry behaviors and open the class up to discuss concepts and questions in detail.


Entrenamiento Medico - Este curso va a examinar técnicas para el entrenamiento de comportamientos médicos. Esta presentación va a estar en Español.



Problem Solving – IN ENGLISH

OCT 14   2:00-5:00pm I $75.00

As a consultant , Ken has successfully helped many organizations solve complex problems.  This seminar will focus on the tools and methods he uses to find solutions to behavioral problems. He will focus on a single system that can assist trainers in finding a resolution to any problem.


LEARN MORE AND SAVE MORE!  Members purchase BOTH for only $125.


PLEASE NOTE:  It is important to understand that while these animal training seminar courses are presented by IMATA, they are not part of the IMATA conference. The courses are separate from the IMATA conference, and participants must pay a tuition fee that is separate from conference registration. Conference registration is not required to enroll in the animal training seminar courses.